Manual Docker Configuration

To use the "Manual Docker Configuration" option, you'll need to use gradescope/auto-builds as the base image for your docker image. You can also use the tags fedora or centos, or older versions of Ubuntu - see the complete list on DockerHub.

You'll need to ensure that your image contains the run_autograder script at the path /autograder/run_autograder. This should match the requirements described on the specifications page. In particular, at the end of the script, the results should be in /autograder/results/results.json with the correct formatting.

Any setup can be done in the Dockerfile, so there is no need for a script.

Beyond this, there are no other requirements on the structure of your Docker image, so you can organize it as you wish.

Private Docker Hub Repositories

If your Docker Hub repository is private, you'll need to give the user gradescopeecs access to your repository. You may want to do this to make sure that students cannot download your autograder image.