Community Resources

Here are some resources that our community members have shared with us. Please let us know if you'd like to share anything you have created with other users of the Gradescope autograder platform!

Note that Gradescope does not necessarily endorse or support any of these tools, and we may not be familiar with their inner workings. If you need help with these resources please contact the authors directly.

Name Description
jgrade A Java helper library for building autograders for Gradescope
bralax/gradescope_autograder Another Java helper library designed for lower level courses with closer acceess to student code.
UCSB Gradescope Tools Tools and examples for C++ and Python autograders, pulling from GitHub, etc
GradescopeGrader4Autolab A wrapper autograder to help port Autolab autograders to Gradescope
ThaumicMekanism/GradescopeBase An alternative Python autograder framework (usage example)
mnoukhov/gradescope-autograder-template An autograder template for Python autograders
C++ Configurable Autograder Sample Configurable autograder template with C++ tooling
R autograder A sample Gradescope-compatible autograder for R scripts
R autograder using the gradeR package Another R autograder with a fully-worked example
Otter-Grader A Jupyter Notebook/Python autograder that is compatible with the Gradescope autograder platform
pytest with Gradescope A minimal example that uses pytest instead of unittest for Python 3 code with Gradescope
SQLite3 with Gradescope A lightweight autograder for SQLite3. Handles multiple queries and returns the number right as the grade. Running six complex queries, students usually receive their grades in 6-10 seconds.
Racket with Gradescope An auto-grader for Racket
UoL Autograder University of Leeds autograder for C++ and Python
Tufts C/C++ Gradescope Autograder A customizable C/C++ Autograder that integrates with Gradescope, along with instructions and scripts for custom container building and git integration.
Excel workbook autograder Using the "programming assignment" format to autograde a non-programming assignment in Excel format.